Drier pattern becoming more pronounced in some areas

Many areas have not seen any appreciable rain for at least a couple of weeks. While portions of Metro Detroit got clobbered by heavy rains and severe weather on July 2nd (DTW included), other areas remained bone dry. Portions of the northern suburbs, including White Lake /DTX-NWS/, have not seen any decent rain since June 24th. This is NOT the time to go dry and we've seen this problem before. Gardens and crops are hurting for rain in many areas of Southeast Michigan. Here in northern Livonia, we've had a trace of rain since the 24th and the lawns (or should I say hay) where not watered, are reflecting that. The high solar angle and heat have quickly exacerbated the problem.

More heat is on the  docket into early next week with the next chance of rain not looking that promising /11-12th/ as a back door cold front slides out of Canada. These fronts are notorious for wind shifts, cooler more comfortable air but little, if any rain. Our only hope will be if enough moisture can pool ahead of the front and she slides south to encourage instability and rain...but I'm not too hopeful.

Check out this past14 day rainfall map of SE Michigan. Note how some areas have been doused with rain while other have had little or none.


  1. Update 7/11:
    Strong Thunderstorm complexs, some storms yielding severe weather, have developed in a moisture rich pool of instability across the southern Lakes region. High PW /precipitable water/ values
    of near 2" accompany the air mass. That instability and moisture, combined with a an impressive jet max (core of strong winds aloft) across the northern Lakes should
    combine to bring storms into the region Monday. It remains to be seen what areas get the best rain.

  2. We have been pretty fortunate here in Wyandotte, as we were absolutely inundated with that July 2nd storm, dropped 2.25" here, Id have to look back at my records for an exact date, but I know it was for sure was one of my heaviest single thunderstorm totals in years. In fact, after a 69.4-inch snowfall winter, our only dry period, as you mentioned, was June (1.85" here, still nearly twice DTW). With todays 0.57", Im at exactly 26.00" since Jan 1st. Hard to believe there are some dry lawns with such a wet year!

  3. Thanks, received only a 1/4" here today and that's it since 6/24