Let's Take a Break from the Hibernating Cold to Look at Mom Nature at Her Grandest!

These pictures are just too beautiful and grand not to share! Try too look at them without doing the "ink-blot test"; you can't...each one reminds you of some beautiful spiritual, heavenly or earthly image. Mother Nature the Grand Dame Artist! Imagine this after a big blizzard, sort of a "winter rainbow" though nothing to do with the meteorological storm per se'.

Amazing aurora! An unexpected CME impact on Jan. 7 created a strong geomagnetic storm (G3 out of 5.) And beautiful aurora ensued! These images come from Ruslan Akhmetsafin in Russia, Aykhal; Greg Syverson in Prudhoe Bay Alaska; Arctic Fishing Adventures in Tromsö, Norway and more from Ruslan Akhmetsafin in Russia, Aykhal. All these were shared at spaceweather.com

For more on aurora's!

Making weather fun while we all learn,
Bill Deedler -SEMI_WeatherHistorian

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