2/5/14 - Snowfall Totals From Snow System Overnight Into Wednesday Morning

2/5/14 - Snow totals

The storm centered pushed through the upper Ohio valley overnight into Wednesday and left generally a 3 - 6" snowfall
across much of the region. Some outliers on the high side included; Wyandotte /8.3"/ Detroit Metro Arpt  and Monroe /8.0"/...Ypsilanti  /7.8"/ while Midland and Bay City were the lowest with just an inch and a half and two inches, respectively. 

Snowfall totals from the February 5th Snowfall

Snowfall totals from the February 5th Snowfall
NOUS43 KDTX 051902

202 PM EST WED FEB 5 2014


                          (INCHES)      (HOURS)        LAT       LON

   BAY CITY                E   2.0            M     43.59N    83.89W

   FLINT                   M   5.7           14     43.02N    83.69W

   BAD AXE                 E   2.5           14     43.80N    83.00W

   MANITOU BEACH           E   2.2           14     41.97N    84.31W
   ONSTED                  E   5.5           14     42.01N    84.19W
   TECUMSEH                E   5.5           14     42.01N    83.94W

   HELL                    M   4.0           14     42.43N    83.99W

   MIDLAND                 E   1.5           14     43.62N    84.23W

   DUNDEE                  E   6.0           14     41.96N    83.66W
   MONROE                  M   8.0           14     41.92N    83.39W

   FARMINGTON              M   3.6           14     42.46N    83.38W
   LAKE ORION              E   4.0           14     42.78N    83.24W
   ROYAL OAK               M   4.8           14     42.51N    83.15W
   PONTIAC                 M   5.0           14     42.65N    83.29W
   CLARKSTON               M   5.2           14     42.74N    83.42W
   4 E WHITE LAKE          M   5.9           14     42.65N    83.43W

   MERRILL                 E   2.7           14     43.41N    84.34W
   HEMLOCK                 M   3.9           14     43.42N    84.23W
   5 W SAGINAW             M   4.0           14     43.42N    84.05W
   SAGINAW                 M   4.0           14     43.42N    83.95W
   SAGINAW                 M   4.8           14     43.42N    83.95W
   CHESANING               M   7.0           14     43.18N    84.12W

   DECKERVILLE             M   4.0           14     43.53N    82.74W

   CORUNNA                 M   6.3           14     42.98N    84.12W

   PORT HURON              M   5.7           14     42.99N    82.43W
   PORT HURON              M   6.4           14     42.99N    82.43W

   VASSAR                  M   6.0           14     43.37N    83.58W

   SALINE                  E   3.5           14     42.18N    83.78W
   ANN ARBOR               M   4.6           14     42.28N    83.73W
   SE ANN ARBOR            M   4.9           14     42.28N    83.73W
   MANCHESTER              M   5.6           14     42.15N    84.04W
   YPSILANTI               M   7.8           14     42.24N    83.62W

   GARDEN CITY             M   5.2           14     42.33N    83.33W
   DEARBORN                M   5.9           14     42.31N    83.21W
   GROSSE POINTE           M   6.0           14     42.39N    82.91W
   DETROIT                 M   8.0           14     42.38N    83.11W
   WYANDOTTE               M   8.3           14     42.21N    83.16W


Another low pressure system tracking northeast through the Ohio Valley Tuesday night into Wednesday morning will  around drop snow across Southeast Lower Michigan. This time, the main thrust of this storm will be just south of the region across Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio. Never-the-less; look for a general 3" - 6" of snow with pockets of 7" possible over Southeast Lower Michigan from the Ann Arbor area...east northeast across metro Detroit and its suburbs into Mt Clemens and Algonac and points south to the Ohio border. Highest snowfalls will generally extend from the I-94 region southward into Lenawee and Monroe counties. Latest morning's guidance continues to show a tight range of amounts along with varying amounts per model. Our NAM model continues to be one of the wettest with the GFS and European a bit drier. Any northwest jog of the track could yield a couple inches more, while a southeast jog would intimate less. Snowfall amounts are such fun!!

Further north across the mid Southeast Lower Michigan region into the Saginaw Valley and Thumb Region; I look for generally a lighter snowfall of 2" - 4" into Wednesday morning. This would included the cities of Howell... Pontiac... Flint... Port Huron...Saginaw into Bad axe and Lake Huron communities.

Timing of this system will mess with Wednesday morning's commute so plan accordingly.

A large strong cold high pressure system will follow in the storm's wake sliding down the Western Canada into the Plains and Midwest later in the week. The air mass from this system will bring well below normal reading across the Great Lakes and Southeast Lower Michigan. Highs will be range in the teens, while lows will fall in the single figures above and below zero...nothing we aren't accustom to this winter!

Another storm will affect the Southern Great Lakes...Ohio Valley and East Coast this upcoming weekend. The worst of this storm at this early juncture appears it too will be southeast of Southeast Lower Michigan and extend along the East Coast.

Updates will follow later this week....

Making weather fun while we all learn,
Bill Deedler -SEMI_WeatherHistorian


  1. Dear Weather Historian SeMI, I am witing to tell you a story and say thank-you. My name is Kevin McNamara and I am the Chairman of Public Services for Wayne County (Roads). I stopped in to get an update on supplies, budgets and strategies for the next few weeks from our Roads Management team. I was fearfull that this weather wiped out our supplies and budgets. It appears that our team of managers budgeted for this winters occurances. And they budgeted based on your projections. So on behalf of the 1.8 million people of Wayne County (who will never thank anyone for the condition of the roads) I want to thank you. As bad as the roads are they could have been much worse without your shared knowledge.

  2. Wow! I'm really taken back and impressed this was sent to me. It's great when your season outlook is appreciated enough to base a budget on it. Thank YOU, Kevin McNamara.

    Several years ago both Wayne County Roads and DTE Energy told me they were impressed by my Season Outlooks & they used them. In fact, years back in the early-mid 2000s; I was told by Wayne County Roads (Bob Conrad, attm) budgeted their salt allotment based on my Outlooks and were the only one in SE Michigan that had a good supply when other counties ran out - in fact the other counties were trying to borrow from them. Seems like this season is similar as far as Wayne Counties salt budget. Now to get paid for some of this....