The Wild and Unprecedented Severe Weather Year of 2011 Across the US

Wettest Year on Record at Detroit and 4th Wettest at Flint (*updated 12/31-DTX)


Nearly every weather event I write about: whether past, present or future deals with its affects across Southeast Lower Michigan. While this past year was exceptional locally for: *record/near record rainfall and occasionally temperature including this past Summer of 2011 and last Winter of 2010-11, it is nothing compared to some of the the severe weather (winter and summer) that happened across the country.

The following video courtesy of PBS news gives an excellent account of the wild and wacky weather across the country in 2011. This video includes interviews with NOAA and private entity, Weather Underground. These weather extremes are sure to spark even more debate on the reasons for such weather and Global Warming, including the driving factors...man or nature or both.

Coming in January 2012: 
Looking more in-depth into the "Wet Year of 2011"  
Making weather fun while we all learn,
Bill Deedler -SEMI_WeatherHistorian

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