Record Low Pressure in Detroit for October Likely Established and Breaks a 118 Year Old Record !

On my blog yesterday I mentioned this current storm was projected to come close to the record low pressures for Detroit in October: At 3AM EDT this morning (10/20/11), Detroit's sea level pressure fell to 29.08" /985 MB/ which according to my records is the lowest pressure ever recorded for the month of October at Detroit! Just last October, a more powerful storm and very intense low pressure moved through the upper Midwest and set numerous record low pressures for that region. While the pressure was also low at Detroit, it did not eclipse the record low pressures for October when it fell to 29.24" on October 26th, 2010.

From yesterday's blog
"She's a beaut' of a storm and note its placement late Wed evening on the12z 10/19/11GFS with a projected central pressure of 988MB /29.22"/ in or near SE Mich. The record low pressure for Detroit in October was way back on 10/14/1893 in an intense low pressure of 985MB /29.09"/.  In more modern times, back in La Nina Fall (which ran from JJA 1970 – DJF 1971/72 & ONI of -1.3) on 10/16/1972, the pressure crated to 985MB /29.12"/ for the second lowest pressure at Detroit. Of course, remember these readings don't have to necessarily denote the central pressure of that particular storm since the center of the low pressure didn't have to pass right over Detroit. We will have to see how low the pressure actually gets at DTW.  Mother nature does seem to have a preference toward spinning up the deepest storms for October in Southeast Lower Michigan during mid month.;-)"

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