Grand Daddy of all Heatwaves!

The Grand Daddy of all Heatwaves in Detroit!
(originally written in the late 1990s)

*Editor's note:
I wrote the above article in the late 1990s. At the time, 1964 looked to be the longest streak BUT an 89 degree high occurred at DET City Arpt during the hot stretch (checked DET to DTW), In 1964, DET WAS the official site...so it can't be used...DTW Metro Arpt became the official site in April 1966. Funny what a problem a digit can cause (and it WAS 90 at DTW so it was hot anyway)!

The 1953 hot and miserable streak IS the longest heatwave with the Grand Daddy of all Heatwaves in Detroit in 1936 with the hottest and most miserable streak of days above 100 degrees. The all time hottest day at Detroit though was 105 back on July 24th, 1934. Back in the hot summer of 1988 we almost tied that with a 104 on June 25th 1988!

Before I retired, I went over all of Detroit's records and caught a few other mistakes...some back to the 1800s. Detroit's observation site moved several times in its history.

Bill Deedler

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  1. Hey Bill not sure if you remember me but I worked as a volunteer a few years back, quite the epic heat spell you have been under. Looking at the radar right now it seems like some flooding might be in order. Grats on the retirement and love reading the metro detroit climo and record events, hearing you tell me about the big blizzard 78' was awesome enjoy the time off!